Fairbanks Man Cited for Obstruction/Hindrance after Actions on Nowitna Wildlife Refuge

Location of the Nowitna Wildlife Refuge in Interior Alaska.
Location of the Nowitna Wildlife Refuge in Interior Alaska.

A Fairbanks man was cited for three counts of Obstruction or Hindrance of Lawful Hunting after instances on the Nowitna Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday, it was revealed on the trooper dispatch.

40-year-old Kevin L. Kangas, was cited by troopers Wednesday, after learning that he had contacted two non-resident hunters hunting moose in the Nowitna Wildlife Refuge. Kangas told the two hunters that “they were trespassing on native land and claimed that they were stealing his canoe,” according to the report.

It was also reported that Kangas had used his Super Cub on three separate days to fly over and around the lake where the men were hunting to interfere with their hunting.

The 2,100,000-acre refuge, with its abundant wildlife, is located between Ruby and Tanana, and  150-miles west of Fairbanks. The refuge is open for sport-fishing and hunting, but, has been used by the local communities for centuries for subsistence hunting and fishing. The area is only accessible by plane and boat in the summer, and can also be accessed by snow-machine during the winter months.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]