Fairbanks Stand-Off Ends with no Injuries after Three Hours

Fairbanks Police patrol vehicle. Image-FPD
Fairbanks Police patrol vehicle. Image-FPD

The Fairbanks Police Department reports that a call went in to the Fairbanks Emergency Communication Center on Saturday just after 1 pm reporting a man with a firearm in the area of 5th Avenue and Hall Street in Fairbanks that prompted a response by the department.

The caller reported to police that “there was a man outside loading a rifle and pointing it around, including at the caller’s house and at cars that were driving by.”

When police responded, they identified the suspect as Aaron Jerome Ludwig, age 37. A check would find that Ludwig was on conditions of release for an incident earlier in the week where he assaulted a victim with a knife and so was prohibited from possessing a firearm.

Police say they observed Ludwig randomly exiting and re-entering his residence on 5th Avenue armed with a rifle and what appeared to be a short-barreled shotgun. On one occasion, he came out of the house with a small child. Another adult and the child would later exit the house with the assistance of officers.

“Due to the nature of the situation, Alaska State Trooper Special Emergency Reaction Team (SERT) was requested and responded to the residence,” FPD said in a statement. In addition, the Alaska Behavioral Health Mobile Crisis Team and Fairbanks Fire Department emergency medical personnel were also called in and staged in the area.

A search warrant was requested and granted for the residence. Officers attempted to get Ludwig to come out and give himself up, but, he refused and stated he would not be arrested. After warnings were issued, less-lethal gas was deployed into the structure. 

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As a result, Ludwig came out of the residence and gave himself up. He was transported to the Fairbanks Correctional Center on charges of Reckless Endangerment and Violating Conditions of Release. 

The standoff lasted for approximately three hours. No injuries were reported in the incident.