Firearm-Wielding Man in Tok Jailed after being Subdued by Victims


Alaska State Troopers report that a Tok man was taken into custody after first being subdued by the victims on Sunday evening.

Troopers received a call at 9:15 pm from a concerned citizen reporting that 51-year-old Paul Cranor was armed and on his way to a man’s home to kill him. AST immediately reacted and began a response to the location given by the caller. While en route, another 911 call was received. The caller reported that Cranor was at the caller’s neighbor’s house with a firearm and screaming could be heard emanating from the home. 

When troopers arrived at the scene, they found that the victims had beaten Cranor with a wrench and subdued him.

The preliminary investigation found that Cranor, who was intoxicated, drove to the victim’s house to confront him about missing property. When he had gotten to the home, Cranor pointed his firearm at two victims before being taken down.

As a result of the incident, Cranor was charged with two counts of Assault III, DUI, and Misconduct Involving Weapons IV.

Cranor was taken to the Tok trooper post where he was remanded to await arraignment.