Five APD Officers Involved in Toakoana Drive Shooting, Investigation Continuing


While authorities as yet have not divulged the name of the suspect shot during a SWAT standoff in Eagle River, nor the names of the APD officers involved that opened fire on him, they have released additional details in the incident.

APD reports that they responded to the 17400-block of Toakoana Drive at 5:47 am on Thursday morning to find that three family members had exited the residence leaving the suspect alone in the house.

After police were able to make “verbal in-person contact, they determined that he had been drinking and was armed. He refused to exit the building.

“For approximately two hours negotiators spoke with the suspect over the phone.  During that time the suspect threatened suicide several times citing different methods for doing so,” APD said.

SWAT responded to the location and at 10:09 am, the suspect abruptly ended his phone conversation with the police negotiator and exited the building armed with a shotgun. “Five SWAT officers fired their weapons; the suspect was hit and declared deceased at the scene,” the department reported.

APD stated, “Per policy the state’s Office of Special Prosecutions (OSP) will review the officers’ use of force and determine whether or not it was justified.  Once that has been completed, APD Internal Affairs will review the officers’ actions to confirm whether or not there was any violation of policy.  As per APD practice the officers will be placed on four days of administrative leave.  Their names will be released publicly 72 hours after the incident.”

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The entire press conference on the incident can be viewed on APD’s Facebook page.

After the investigation is complete, OSP’s findings will be made public.