Five-Count Louisiana Murder Suspect Captured in Virginia


21-year-old Dakota Theriot has been charged with five counts of murder and other charges. Image-RCSO

A 21-year-old suspect authorities believe to be responsible for the most horrific and deadly domestic violence incidents in Louisiana’s recent history has been captured after an extensive multi-state manhunt, authorities in Louisiana reports.

Sheriff, Bobby Webre of Ascension Parish say 21-year-old Dakota Theriot was located in Richmond County, Virginia on Sunday. Theriot will soon be transported to the parish to face two counts of first-degree murder, home invasion, and illegal use of weapons in addition to three counts of murder in Livingston Parish that occurred on Saturday morning.

Theriot is said to be responsible for the murder of his girlfriend Summer Ernest, age 20, her brother Tanner Ernest, age 17, and her father Billy Ernest, age 43 in Walker, Louisiana, 20 miles to the east of Baton Rouge. An Ernest neighbor heard a pickup speeding away just before the children came and told her that their sister, brother, and father were dead.

Following those murders, it is reported that Theriot drove to his parents home 25 miles distant in Gonzalez using the stolen pickup and shot them dead. Authorities were able to get a dying statement from Theriot’s father Keith, who told deputies that his son was the one who shot him and his wife Elizabeth. Two small children, a one-year-old and a seven-year-old escaped harm.

Sheriffs believe that Theriot, who just recently moved in with his girlfriend and her family carried out the murders in response to some dispute between himself and Summer. He moved in with Summer after his family kicked him out of their home after recent disagreements.

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