Flag over White House Goes to Full Mast less than 48 Hours after Death of Senator McCain

Flag over the White House Monday morning.

Flag over the White House Monday morning.

Many across the nation and the world are looking on in disbelief as the White House flag now stands at full mast less than 48 hours, while other flags in the nation’s capital and across the nation continue to be flown at half-mast in memory of John McCain, statesman, and Vietnam war hero.

In an apparent rebuke of the long serving US Senator, the flag above the white house was raised to full mast at midnight and remained so at first light on Monday morning. Also missing was a proclamation ordering flags to be flown in the half-mast position until John McCain’s internment next weekend. As has been the tradition following the passing of prominent U.S. leaders in the past.

This weekend White House staff prepared a statement for the passing of the 81-year-old six-term senator which was soundly rejected by President Trump who chose to only tweet a short, generic message on that social venue which said:

Unlike the current occupant of the White House, former US president Barack Obama released a statement on the passing of John McCain, his former opponent in the race to the White House, saying:

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell also released a statement on the passing of his former colleague in the Senate, saying:

Senator McCain will lie in state at the Arizona State Capitol on Wednesday, which is his 82nd birthday, prior to lying in state at the United States Capitol in Washington DC on Friday where the public is invited to attend and pay their respects.

On Saturday, presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush will deliver the eulogies during a ceremony to be held at the Washington National Cathedral. Vice President Mike Pence has been invited to that ceremony and is expected to attend. President Trump has been asked by the Senator’s family not to be in attendance. This marks the second time this year that he has been asked to forego attendance of a funeral, the first, it was reported was the mid-April funeral of former First Lady Barbara Bush.

Senator McCain will be laid to rest in a private ceremony at the U.S. Naval Academy Cemetery in Annapolis, Md. His gravesite will look over the  Severn River next to his long-time friend Admiral Chuck Larson.