Former Arizona Lawmaker Sentenced to 65 Years in Excursion Inlet Murder


The former Arizona lawmaker, Mark De Simone was sentenced on Monday was sentenced in Juneau court. he received a 65-year sentence and had 20 years suspended.

De Simone was convicted of Murder 1 after a jury trial last year for the shooting of Duilio Antonio Rosales at a remote cabin in Excursion Inlet 35 miles west of Juneau. He had been indicted on charges of Murder I, two counts of Murder II, Manslaughter and Criminally Negligent Homicide by a grand jury in May of 2016.

When troopers arrived at the cabin on May 15th, they were taken to the killing site to find Rosales had been killed execution-style with two bullets to the back of the head. Troopers say that it appeared that Rosales was putting on his boots when De Simone shot him.

In court, 56-year-old De Simone said in a statement that the shooting was an accident and apologized to the victim’s wife.

The sentencing judge, Superior Court Judge Phillip Pallenberg questioned De Simone’s “accident” explanation, wondering why the firearm was aimed at close range to the back of Rosale’s head “when it went off accidentally, twice.”

The former lawmaker resigned from the Arizona House after his arrest in a domestic violence case involving his wife in 2008. That case was later dropped. He had served just one year in that capacity.