Four Canoers Overturn but Make it to Sandbar on Clearwater River

Location of Delta boat launch. Image-Google Maps

Location of Delta boat launch. Image-Google Maps

A double overturned watercraft report went in to the Alaska State Troopers at 11 am on Wednesday, but the incident righted itself before troopers arrived at the scene, it was reported on the trooper dispatch.

Troopers immediately responded to the boat launch near the Richardson Highway after receiving the call for aid after two canoes with a total of four boaters overturned on the Clearwater River near Delta on Wednesday morning.

Before troopers arrived, the four juvenile boaters “self-rescued to a sandbar,” it was reported. Then, other members of the party stopped and assisted the wet boaters. A good Samaritan also responded to the location and was able to transport the victims to the boat launch.

Troopers met the boaters and were at least able to provide a warm vehicle for the chilled juveniles.

The two canoes were recovered and no injuries were reported.