Four Clark Middle School Students Arrested for Mayhem at School on Tuesday

Approximately 10 officers responded to the Clark Middle School just after noon on Tuesday after being called out to a fight taking place amongst students, and students and a Student Resource Officer. The incident resulted in the arrest of four students according to APD.

The situation at Clark Middle School began when two students got into an altercation and then one of those students called three other students to come help. Alaska School District employees managed to initially separate the fighting teens and the school was placed on lock-down.

“One student was in the administrative office and the other student along with the three high-school-aged juveniles were in the common area” when the incident further escalated, APD reported. The four students in the common area then began to try and break windows and doors to get at the lone student in the administrative office.

There was a Student Resource Officer at the school on a different matter and he responded to the area in an attempt to break up the altercation. But, the students ignored the officer and continued efforts break windows to gain access to the office and the student and staff inside. When one of the students struck the officer in the face, he responded by deploying his taser and called for backup from another officer. 

When that officer arrived he was also ignored as he attempted to diffuse the situation and subsequently pepper spray was deployed to take control of the situation. APD responded to the school and took the four teens into custody.

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The students were treated for pepper spray exposure and one student was treated for the taser deployment by medics at the scene.

Charges were filed with the Division of Juvenile Justice.