Healy Burglary Suspect Tracked to Fairbanks International through Device in Stolen Car

A burglary investigation was opened by Alaska State Troopers in the Healy area after receiving a call from a Healy business on Saturday that resulted in the arrest of a Jacksonville man on Sunday.

The caller from a local eatery in Healy called troopers on Saturday to report a burglary in which a safe containing cash and keys were stolen that previous night.

The safe was recovered and as interviews and evidence were gathered, troopers determined that enough had been collected to charge 38-year-old David Ayers of Jacksonville with crimes including burglary.

During a separate investigation of a stolen vehicle taken from property near the burglary on Sunday, troopers were able to access a tracking device installed on the vehicle. “Its location history revealed through a tracking device was highly consistent with the known locations of the burglary suspect within the appropriate timeframes,” AST reported.

Troopers would recover the vehicle near the Fairbanks International Airport the same day.

troopers searched the airport and made contact with Ayers inside the terminal that afternoon. He was arrested without incident on multiple charges related to the two cases.

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