Helo-2 Lifts Hypothermic Fairbanks Hiker to FMH

AST's Helo-2. Image-American Eurocopter

AST’s Helo-2. Image-American Eurocopter

A call to Alaska State Troopers in Fairbanks spurred a search and rescue operation along the Fairbanks Creek Trail for a 60-year-old hiker who was in distress.

The caller reported that a hiker that was without winter garments and stated to be disoriented and hypothermic at that location. Alaska Wildlife Troopers were able to access the hiker, identified as 60-year-old Fairbanks resident WadeDriscoll utilizing a snowmachine, but, because of the extreme snow depth, were unable to extract him.

Helo-2 launched with a Fairbanks Airport Police officer and traveled to the scene and were able to bring Driscoll out and transport him to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for treatment of weather-related injuries.