Juneau Ptarmigan Hunter Located Monday Morning

The young Juneau man, Kevin Michaud, who went missing while hunting on Mount Roberts on Sunday has been found and troopers report that Michaud was uninjured during the incident.

Michaud had gone missing after slipping off of the trail on Mount Roberts on Sunday night. Michaud managed to call home to let them know what had happened and informed them that he was attempting to re-find the trail.After being unsuccessful in their search after hearing of Michaud’s dilemma, family called Juneau police, who in turn informed the Alaska State Troopers.

Juneau Mountain Rescue and SEADOGS took up the search, but returned empty-handed at 5 am this morning.

Then, at 9:45 am on Monday morning, an employee of the Last Chance Mining Museum reported seeing a young man who seemed disoriented. He was seen near the mine.

The search then focused on the mine area. At 11:04 pm, Michaud was located by Mountain Rescue and SEADOGS. He was taken to the Bartlett Hospital by EMS for evaluation of exposure. He appeared otherwise uninjured.

Alaska State Troopers stated that they would  also “like to remind hikers, hunters and boaters to make sure that you notify someone of your plans and a return time, prior to venturing out. This provides searchers a good idea of where to begin looking if an emergency happens.”

“Additionally, if an emergency occurs, it is vitally important to notify AST early on as this enables a faster, coordinated response with trained SAR organizations and a higher likelihood of locating the lost persons quickly.” AST continued.