K9 ‘Kenai’ Bags a Brown Jug Burglar

Loading dock at Brown Jug. Image-Google Maps
Loading dock at Brown Jug. Image-Google Maps

When an alarm was triggered at the Brown Jug at 4140 Old Seward Highway on Sunday, police units responded to the scene to find that one of the loading bay garage doors was open.

Police set a perimeter and entered the business to clear the area. After clearing the basement and the first floor, officers ascended to the second floor to clear that area, all the while giving commands to any person hidden to give themselves up.

On the second floor, a K9 handler let loose K9 “Kenai” to sniff  out any possible intruders hiding in the ventilation room. It was only after her discovery by the canine that the burglar, identified as 37-year-old Maggie Jackson-Fairbanks, gave in and came out. The K9 and Fairbanks never had contact.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]The investigation found that Fairbanks had entered the store while it was open, then hid and waited for the store to close and the employees to leave.   After all was clear, Fairbanks packed out over $1,000 worth of alcohol and hid it outside.

Fairbanks was charged with Burglary II, Theft II, and Resisting Arrest.