K9 Ray Takes Down Belligerent Felony Suspect on A Street Sunday Night

K9 Ray. Image-APD
K9 Ray. Image-APD

Late Sunday night Anchorage Police Department K9 took down a belligerent Assault suspect on the 1700-block of A Street according to an APD report.

K9 and midshift patrol responded to a camp on A Street after a call by a woman there that called in to report that a man, armed with an ax was slashing her tent and attempting to set it afire.

When the officers arrived at the location, they observed the suspect still armed with an ax and ordered him to drop the weapon. The suspect, identified as 42-year-old TJ Walker initially refused and advanced on the officers. Police say that after taking several step toward the officers, he dropped the ax but continued to advance.

Multiple K9 warnings were issued which Walker ignored and then told officers, after more were issued, he told officers he would not comply.

Police deployed K9 Ray and the canine immediately latched on to Walker’s arm. But it did not stop Walker and he continued to fight and attempted to choke the dog with his other arm. Officers took the suspect to ground while the suspect still fought but was eventually cuffed.

Walker was transported to a local hospital for treatment for his bite.

Upon release, Walker, who was found to have a felony warrant for Burglary I, Theft II, and Criminal Mischief III, was taken to the Anchorage Jail where he was further charged with Assault III, Harm a Police Dog II, and Resisting.

The victim, who was uninjured. According to the report, she knew the suspect. The reason for the attack on the victim’s tent is still under investigation.