Kentucky Hunter Mauled by Brown Bear on Admiralty Island Thursday

Location of Admiralty Island. Image-Google Maps

Location of Admiralty Island. Image-Google Maps

Troopers are reporting a Brown Bear mauling that took place late in the evening on Thursday on Admiralty Island involving a hunting client.

It was reported to troopers by the United States Coast Guard that they responded to the island at 2 am this morning to transport the injured hunter to Juneau for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

According to the report, a big game guide and his client, both of whom remain un-named, were returning to the beach at approximately 8:30 pm using headlamps when they startled a brown bear, which in turn attacked the client.

The attack was brief, and the bear broke off the attack on the Kentucky hunter and left the area.

After the attack, the guide and client “continued down to the beach and back to the guide vessel,” the trooper  dispatch revealed.

The attack was reported to the USCG, and they responded  for transport in the early morning hours.