Kirby Corp Fined $2.9 Million for British Columbia Oil Spill


The Nathan E. Stewart is seen surrounded by booms after sinking near Bella Bella. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Canadian Coast Guard

A fine of $2.9 million was levied against Texas-based Kirby Corp for the October 2016 spill of 110,000 liters of diesel and other heavy oils on the fishing grounds of the Heiltsuk Nation when it ran aground and sunk.

The nation says that the fine is “along way from justice,” and is demanding proper restitution and says that the corporation should be banned from territorial waters until it does so.

The corporation pleaded guilty to violations of the Migratory Birds Convention Act and the Pilotage Act in may of this year. Birds and fish were affected and the tug did not have a pilot aboard as required.

Kirby Corp issued a statement apologizing for the spill and says that they are amending their operating procedures, training and equipment to reduce the chances of a similar event re-occurs in the future.