Klawock man Charged after Killing a Deer with a Pellet Gun

A Klawock man who shot and killed a deer with a pellet gun mid-October on Prince of Wales Island has now been charged with multiple charges Alaska Wildlife Troopers revealed on Monday.

According to troopers, it was on October 15th that 33-year-old Michael Howard of Klawock drove up alongside a doe in the Mary Jackson subdivision and shot it with a .177 pellet gun, killing it.

After shooting the deer, Howard drove home and stashed the pellet gun and then returned later in a separate vehicle in an attempt to load the deer up and remove it from the scene.

¬†Troopers say that Howard “was ultimately charged with several counts, including; Taking game closed season, Unlawful methods of taking game, Driving on a suspended license, Hunting w/o a license and Hunting w/o Harvest tags.”