Korovin Volcano Set at Yellow with Seismic Activity and Sulfur Emissions


Korovin Volcano on Atka Island. Image-AVO
Korovin Volcano on Atka Island. Image-AVO

The Alaska Volcano Observatory reports continued seismic activity at the Korovin volcano site on Atka. They say no other significant activity has been reported since sulfur dioxide emissions were detected on Wednesday.

The 5,030-foot stratovolcano, with its two summits, is monitored by seismic networks, infrasound sensors and watched via satellite data.

The seismic activity increased significantly at around 5 am today and remained so for several hours, finally abating somewhat by 1:30 pm. While decreased, it still is registering higher levels than yesterday.

Korovin remains at the advisory level of yellow, where it was set yesterday.