Kotlik Man Arrested after Discharging Shotgun at Family

A Kotlik man is jailed in Emmonak awaiting arraignment on multiple weapons and assault charges following a potentially deadly disturbance call on Wednesday morning, the trooper dispatch reports.

Troopers based in Emmonak were alerted to an incident that played out in Kotlik on Thursday morning. According to the trooper report, troopers responded to the community and initiated an investigation into a firearms incident there after receiving a call just after 8:30 am.

Troopers interviewed witnesses that said that 34-year-old Walter Aketachunak, while intoxicated, threatened family members with a shotgun. According to the report, Aketachunak discharged the shotgun towards one of the family members twice.

Following that, Aketachunak went inside his residence, where family wrestled the weapon away from him.

Troopers arrested Aketachunak on Misconduct Involving Weapons II, MIW IV x2, and Assault III x3.

He was transported to Emmonak to await arraignment.