Man and Woman Dead Thursday in Anchorage’s Rancho Neighborhood

On Thursday night, at 10:56 pm, APD received a call reporting a suspicious man on the 7600-block of Rancho Drive. That caller would later tell police that the man lived in the neighborhood.

But, a short time later, a family member, related to the man who was reported suspicious, called APD and requested a welfare check on him and police responded and attempted to contact the man. Their attempts were unsuccessful, and calls continued through the night.

Then, information was received reporting that there was possibly a woman also in the residence. A K-9 unit was deployed to the scene, and at 5 am, after being granted a warrant to enter the home, police proceeded to do so. They found as they attempted entry, that there was “an adult male with a gun.”

Officers immediately exited and SWAT was called in. Nearby residents were evacuated, then shots rang out. Further communication attempts were fruitless, and gas was deployed as SWAT made entrance.

Inside, SWAT would find the bodies of a man and female in the bedroom. A weapon was also found in the room. Homicide was immediately called in and they took over the investigation at the scene.

The names of the two deceased have yet to be revealed.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]