Manley Hot Springs Sexual Predator Arrested by Troopers

Daniel Lloyd Selovich was arrested on charges of sexual and physical assault and kidnapping by troopers after investigating an RCC airlift.
Daniel Lloyd Selovich was arrested on charges of sexual and physical assault and kidnapping by troopers after investigating an RCC airlift.

Troopers reported via dispatch on Thursday that on Saturday, AST received a report of “a seriously ill woman in need of transport to the hospital from a cabin approximately 16 miles south of Manley Hot Springs.”

Troopers immediately began collaboration with RCC to launch a military helicopter to the scene to pick up the woman located at a remote cabin 16 miles south of Manley Hot Springs. Unfortunately, that rescue mission was delayed due to poor weather.

It wasn’t until Sunday morning at 9:30 am that an RCC helicopter was able to reach the scene and pick up the woman, whose identity has not been revealed, and a male identified as 37 year-old Manley Hot SPrings resident Daniel L. Selovich. They were transported to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.

Following their arrival at the hospital, Alaska State Troopers met them and conducted an investigation. Troopers found that Selovich had held the woman against her will for five weeks at the cabin as he assaulted her both physically and sexually.

It was reported that the woman had texted a friend reporting that she needed immediate medical evacuation. 
[xyz-ihs snippet=”adsense-body-ad”]The unidentified victim revealed that she had been sexually assaulted 2-6 times daily, had been beat, kicked, and bitten as well as pummeled with a flashlight and belts in the five weeks that she was held captive. The woman had also been cut on the neck with a serrated blade. She was duct taped to her captor at night and tethered to a rope around her neck tied to a ceiling rafter during the day. The rope was documented by troopers during their investigation at the cabin. 

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Selavich has been arrested on charges of Kidnapping, Assault IV x2, Assault III, and Sexual Assault I. He was remanded to the Fairbanks Correctional Center.

Selovich is no stranger to assault. In 2010, he was arrested in New Mexico on California charges of rape and assault, he was extradited to Californa to face charges in a Shasta County case dating to 2004. In that case, he had assaulted and raped an unknown Redding, California woman in December of that year. According to court documents in that case, he had led the woman “to an area near the bottom of the Cypress Avenue Bridge to look for a friend who he claimed owed him money.” DNA evidence secured from the woman led police to Selovich, who had a DNA sample in the nation-wide DNA Index System that had been deposited there by the state of Florida in 2007. It is unknown why Selovich had not been brought back to California at that time.

In the California case, Selovich pled guilty to assault, and the rape charge was dropped. In that case, he was listed as a transient.He was sentenced to four years.

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