Nikiski Home Invasion Caller Arrested after Investigation

A Nikiski man, who called in a report of a home invasion on Tuesday morning, was placed under arrest on unrelated charges following an investigation at the scene, Alaska State troopers reported.

Troopers responded to the report of a home invasion off of Kishka Street at 11:30 AM, and make contact with the complainant, identified by troopers as 32-year-old Joshua Dylan Vars, who was the only person at the scene.

The investigation showed no signs of a home invasion, and determined that consumption of a controlled substance was a factor in the call, troopers said on the trooper dispatch. A background check of the the caller, found that he was on felony probation/parole for Assault III, and had conditions not to consume controlled substances, or be in possession of a concealable firearm. Vars was found to be in possession of a handgun after using drugs.

Vars was placed under arrest, and Kenai probations transported him to the Wildwood Pretrial Facility. In addition to being arrested on several  probations/parole violations, Vars was also charged with Misconduct Involving Weapons III (felony in possession), and Misconduct Involving Weapons IV (possession of a firearm while impaired).