Noise Disturbance Results in Multiple Felony Charges on Zappa Place Saturday

Anchorage police revealed that a noise complaint would result in 20 charges initially filed against two Anchorage persons on Saturday afternoon.

Officers responded to the 200-block of Zappa Place at 1:57 pm on Saturday in reference to a noise complaint reporting loud music emanating from a vehicle parked there. When they arrived, they saw the vehicle subject to the complaint and saw to males exit the vehicle. The plates were run to find that the vehicle, a blue Ford Explorer, had been involved in more than one eluding incident with APD. A tow truck was called for the vehicle for impound to await a search warrant.

While awaiting the arrival of the tow truck, officers spoke with a witness who pointed out where the owner lived. The owner was contacted and came out of the apartment building and spoke with the officers who informed that person, identified as 31-year-old Kaylee M. Weigle, that the vehicle was being impounded and that nothing was to be removed from it. She acknowledged the officer and walked away.

The officer went back to his vehicle and moments later saw “Weigle sneak over to the Ford,” and retrieve a large backpack then duck down to avoid being seen. When officers approached her, she ran off with officers in pursuit. During the short chase, Weigle threw the backpack through the open window of her apartment before being caught and taken into custody.

More officers arrived at the scene and a perimeter was set up and a warrant for the search of the apartment was obtained. Police went to the door of the apartment and announced their presence several times to no response. Subsequently, they made entry into the apartment and made contact with a male identified as 40-year-old Jonathon C. B. Walker. He was detained and taken to a patrol vehicle.

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In the apartment, police would find fake dollar bills, numerous credit cards, checks, and other identifying information not belonging to either Weigle or Walker or persons residing in the apartment.

Both suspects were transported to the  Anchorage Jail for remand. Weigle was charged with Tampering with Physical Evidence, eight counts of Theft II, two counts of Forgery I, two counts of Forgery II, and five counts of Criminal Impersonation. Walker, after a search of his person, would reveal credit cards that didn’t belong to him and as a result, was charged with two counts of Theft II.

Court records show Weigler was arraigned on four counts of Forgery I, Tampering with Physical Evidence, and Controlled Substance-Criminal Enterprise. All charges are classified as felonies.

Vinelink shows Weigle remains in custody at the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center, while Walker has been released from custody with no charges filed.