Noorvik Man Back in Jail After Assaulting his Third Party Custodian

Noorvik man, 25-year-old Brian Jack, who was outĀ  on a court approved third party custodianship as a result of July 4th charges of DUI, felony assault, reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident, was re-arrested on Saturday on charges of Assault III and IV and Violation of Conditions of Release, AST reported.

According to the weekend report, Jack had, while consuming alcohol, assaulted his third-party custodian, who was a family member, at her home in Noorvik.

Because Jack had two previous assault convictions that resulted in injuries, his Assault IV charge was elevated to a felony.

After hisĀ  arrest, Jack was transported to Kotzebue and remanded to the regional jail there. He was held for arraignment.