North Dakota Trump Supporter Held in Minnesota on Terroristic Threatening Charges

A North Dakota Trump supporter was jailed on Felony Terroristic Threat charges as well as weapons charges after a roadway incident on Tuesday according to police in Moorhead, Minnesota.

According to the report, police were notified of the incident by a female motorist. She reported that another motorist, later identified as 27-year-old Joseph Schumacher of West Fargo, North Dakota, pulled up next to her as she was driving and rolled down his window and “began yelling at the female expressing his dislike” for her bumper sticker displaying a Warren 2020 bumper sticker and pointed to his Trump bumper sticker.

Schumacher then pulled ahead of her while waving a handgun in his vehicle.

The female motorist called 911 and reported the encounter and police soon found the vehicle parked at a business in town. Schumacher was questioned and a search warrant was issued for his vehicle. During the search, the handgun in question was located. During an interview with a passenger in Schumacher’s vehicle “confirmed the actions of the suspect driver,”

Schumacher was arrested and jailed at the Clay County Jail on double felony counts of Terroristic Threatening as well weapons charges and is due in court for arraignment today.