North Pole Homeowner Interrupts Burglars as They Stripped his Home

Troopers report that they are investigating a burglary incident where a North Pole homeowner returned to his home to find two suspects stripping the house on Saturday.

According to the trooper investigation, two individuals targeted a residence on Hurst Road on Saturday and pulled their van into the home’s garage, concealing it as they worked to load up construction materials and tools, as well as copper pipes in the structures walls.

Their theft was uncovered when the homeowner returned and noticed a light n, troopers said. In response, the burglars jumped into their van and crashed through the garage door to make good their escape. But, after crashing through the door, they ran into the homeowners vehicle parked in the driveway, disabling their vehicle.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]Now, broke down, they got out of the van and fled on foot.

Troopers did not provide descriptions of the two thieves. Their investigation is continuing.