One Arrested in Glenn Highway Road Rage Incident


Anchorage patrol officers responded to a fight incident that was occurring alongside the Glenn Highway near the Turpin exit early this week that the ensuing investigation would ultimately determine to be a road rage incident.

APD says that at least one caller reported that a firearm was involved, but say that no weapon was actually seen.

When officers arrived on the scene, they separated the two combatants. Authorities identified one of the combatants as 38-year-old Abdullah L. Bates, while the other was only identified as the victim.

When separated, the victim was observed to have physical injuries but refused transportation to a hospital for treatment. Police also observed that Bates exhibited signs of impairment but would not submit to a breath test. He would later be tested at remand to the Anchorage Correctional Complex and be shown o have a blood-alcohol level two times over the limit.

The preliminary investigation would determine that Bates and the victim were traveling outbound on the Glenn Highway when Bates, who was driving a silver 2007 Mercury Mountaineer nearly sideswiped the victim who was driving a silver 2005 GMC Envoy near the Bragaw Overpass.

The victim attempted to get the license plate number of Bate’s vehicle but was unable to do so, and decided to pull over by the Boniface overpass near the Turpin Exit and get the number. But, instead of passing the victim’s vehicle, Bates pulled up behind and both exited their vehicles.

A verbal altercation broke out before Bates began punching the victim and “partially drug” the victim into the  Mountaineer. Bates ended up fully in the driver’s seat with the victim partially hanging out of the vehicle, APD stated. Bates made a statement about shooting the victim and “held on to the victim with one hand while appearing to search for something in the vehicle with his other hand,” according to the victim’s statement to APD.

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Bates was transported to the Anchorage Jail and charged with Assault III and IV and Operating Under the Influence. His vehicle was also impounded to await a search warrant.