One Truck, Two DUIs


A caller contacted Anchorage police on late Wednesday night to report an older truck “burning out,” or spinning its tires near Lore and Elmore Roads. Patrol officers were dispatched to the location.

As patrol officers traveled to the scene at 11:36 pm, an officer, who was off-duty located the brown 1985 Chevy pickup at Spruce and Elmore and relayed this to the patrol officers.

The patrol officer, upon arriving at the location, observed that the vehicle had a burned out headlight and inoperable license plate lights and so pulled the vehicle over as it was entering a driveway on the 3700-block of Rinner Circle.

When the two persons in the vehicle exited, they were both observed to be intoxicated. Police identified the two men as 23-year-old Taylor D. Brink and driver 43-year-old Darrin W. Bouwens and opened interviews with the men.

Police would find that while Bouwens had been driving when initial contact was made, it was Brink who was doing the “burnouts” near Elmore and Lore. It was found that Bouwens took over driving at Spruce Street and was the driver when stopped.

As a result, both men were charged with DUI.