Palmer Man Cited after Shooting at Bear in Trash

A Palmer man who took a shot at a Black Bear early on Friday was cited for Negligently Feeding Game after Alaska Wildlife Troopers responded to his address just before 1 am.

According to the report, 36-year-old Justin Davis took a shot at a Black Bear who had gotten into his garbage in the middle of the night. The Alaska Wildlife trooper investigation at the scene determined that Davis had shot at the bear with a 22 LR handgun. Troopers were unable to locate the bear and it is not known if the animal was injured.

Further investigation at the scene determined that Davis had neglected to clean up food which attracted the bruin. As a result, Davis was “issued a citation for negligently leaving food out in a manner which attracted game,” troopers stated. Davis was also “instructed to clean up the food.”

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