Palmer Woman Shot in Face, Escapes, Assailant Shot in Leg in Self Defense by Third Person Wednesday Evening

At 6:37 pm on Wednesday evening, troopers received a 911 call from a woman on East Pace Drive who reported that she had just left a residence at that location after being shot in the face with a pistol by 59-year-old Juan Casiano and that a violent armed altercation was ongoing at that residence.

Troopers and Palmer police immediately responded to East Pace. Upon arrival, authorities made contact with Casiano at a neighboring residence. They observed that Casiano had sustained a gunshot to his leg. The investigation found that he had been shot by the other man in the original residence in what was said to be self-defense.

Casianoand the female were transported to thehospital for treatment of injuries. After he was treated for his wound, Casiano was arrested on charges of Assault I, two counts of Assault III, Assault IV, and Misconduct Involving Weapons II and IV.

He was transported to the Mat Su Pretrial Facility and remanded there on his charges.