Passenger, Pilot Walk Away Unscathed from Palmer Helicopter Crash

Helicopter wreckage in a field near Palmer, Alaska.
Helicopter wreckage in a field near Palmer, Alaska.

Alaska State Troopers have released additional information including make, model, and the company that owned the sightseeing helicopter that crashed in Palmer on Sunday afternoon.

AST report that the Enstrom F-28F that crashed into an empty field in the Outer Springer Loop/Kaye Marie area was operated by Talaheim Air Service.

The helicopter had taken off from the State Fairgrounds in Palmer on a sightseeing tour on Sunday afternoon and soon lost power. “The pilot successfully executed an emergency landing in an empty field, but the helicopter suffered significant damage on landing,” troopers stated.

The pilot as well as the two passengers were able to walk away from the crash that caused extensive damage to the chopper with no observable injuries but were later transported to the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center as a precaution.

The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board were notified of the incident and are investigating the crash.