Pilot in Saturday Whittier Area Crash Identified

Piper PA 28-180 crash site near Whittier. Image-AST
Piper PA 28-180 crash site near Whittier. Image-AST

On Thursday morning, Alaska State Troopers released the identity of the pilot killed in the fatal Whittier crash that occurred on Saturday. AST reports that the State Medical Examiner’s office identified that person as 31-year-old Brett Andrews of Anchorage.

According to reports, Andrews was en route to Valdez from Merrill Field on Saturday when he went down in his Piper PA 28-180 in the Whittier area. After being alerted by the aircraft’s ELT at approximately 11:30 on Saturday morning, the Rescue Coordination Center and the USCG dispatched and would locate Andrew’s aircraft. 

Adverse weather conditions barred a helo from responding to the scene with the Alaska Mountain Rescue Group on Saturday but was able to access the site on Sunday and recover Andrew’s remains.

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