Police Arrest Foster Child for Marvell Johnson’s Murder

image08-10-2014 11.12.21An arrest has been made in the early morning shooting death of 64-year-old KSKA radio show host Marvell Johnson who was discovered shot to death in his East Anchorage home around 7:15 am Tuesday.

Anchorage police responded to the Island Drive home after a student reported the shooting to school officials Tuesday morning.

When they arrived at the home, after discovering Johnson’s body, they contacted 16-year-old Peter John Henry asleep in his own room. Police woke the young man and took him to police headquarters for further questioning.

Police say that their investigation revealed that Henry, who was in Johnson’s foster care, shot Johnson after becoming angered with Johnson for grounding him for use of a synthetic drug. After shooting Johnson, Henry attempted to cover up his crime and disguise it as a home invasion robbery.Henry stole Johnson’s money, watch and iPad and staged the wallet in the front room to make it look as if a robbery had gone bad. He enlisted the help of another boy to help cover up his crime, coercing him with threats of death  if he didn’t assist Henry.

Henry is currently being held on Murder I, Tampering, Coercion, and Theft at the Anchorage Correctional Center. Prosecutors intend to try Henry as an adult for the murder.