Port Heiden Woman Trashes House, ATV, Truck after Fight

AST says that alcohol played a factor in the assault and destruction that a Port Heiden woman carried out in that village on Saturday.

Troopers received an assault and dmage call at 12:02 pm on Saturday. Their investigation found that 34-year-old Melissa Lena Odomin got into a fight with her roommate and damaged items in the home. Following, Odomin crashed an ATV into the building causing significant damage to both the house and the ATV.

The destruction was complete, however. Odomin then broke the windows out on a truck at the residence, then crashed the truck into the ATV, causing additional damage to the ATV and significant damage to the pickup.

Troopers arrested Odomin in Port Heiden and charged her with Assault III, Criminal Mischief III, and Assault IV DV. Following her arrest, Odomin was transported to King Salmon and was remanded pending arraignment.