Remains of Miami Man Found and Retrieved near Cruise Ship in Skagway Saturday

Skagway cruise ship dock. Image-Google Maps
Skagway cruise ship dock. Image-Google Maps

Troopers say they responded to the  cruise ship dock in Skagway at approximately 2:10 pm on Friday after receiving a report of a man in the water there that had gone under.

Skagway Police Department, Skagway Fire Department, and the United States Coast Guard responded along with troopers and troopers found that the man, William Anthony Rodriguez, 32 years old of Miami, jumped into the water near the cruise ship dock and swam to a near shore and spent a few minutes there according to witnesses.

Then the man swam back out near the bow of a cruise ship docked there before he began to struggle in the water and then sunk from view.

The various agencies searched the water for the victim to no avail.

On Saturday, Southeast Alaska Dogs Organized for Ground Search and divers responded to the community and assisted in the search. While searching the water where the man was last seen, the dogs picked up a scent and divers would locate the remains in the water where the scent was earlier picked up.

Rodriguez’s next of kin were notified of the development.