Remains of Whittier Rafter Recovered Three and a Half Miles from Whittier


Alaska State Troopers revealed on Monday that the remains of a man who disappeared while out rafting over the weekend was located and recovered by the United States Coast Guard on Sunday  3.4 miles outside of Whittier.

The search for the rafter, identified as 61-year-old Eric Opland, was initiated after the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center contacted AST at 10:13 pm on Saturday night for assistance locating Opland who had been reported as missing.

Soon, a report was called in to the Whittier Harbormaster reporting that an un-manned raft was found adrift approximately one mile outside of the harbor. Subsequently, the Coast Guard launched both airborne and marine assets to take up the search.

It was reported that when Opland’s remains were recovered he was not wearing any flotation device.

Opland’s remains were turned over to the State Medical Examiner’s office for autopsy.