Repeat OUI Offender Jailed after Accident on AC Couplet Bridge in Anchorage


At 9:04 pm on Monday night a caller reported to APD that a gray Dodge Charger crashed into the concrete barrier at the AC couplet bridge and despite suffering substantial damage continued driving.

Seven minutes later, at 9:11 pm a security guard at the Aviator Hotel on 3rd and C street called in and reported that a vehicle that appeared to have recently been in an accident sped into the hotel’s parking lot.

Supplied with that information, officers responded to the hotel and observed that the vehicle “had significant damage to the left front tire which was falling off of the rim.  There were scrapes all down the driver’s side.” They made contact with the driver, identified as 20-year-old Jeremy J. Pineda and noticed signs of impairment by suspected drugs and alcohol.

After administering the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests a decision was made to charge Pineda with Operating Under the Influence. When Pineda was patted down during the arrest process a”a large quantity of pills were found on Pineda’s person,” APD said.

“Pineda was verbally abusive and threatening towards both the officer and the officer’s family,” during the transport to the Anchorage Jail, according to the report.

Subsequent to obtaining a search warrant, Pineda’s blood was drawn.

During a computer check it was found that Pineda had two previous open court cases for Operating Under the Influence. He was remanded on charges of OUI, Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance II, two counts of Violating Conditions of Release, and Driving While License Revoked.