Robbery/Vandalism Suspect Arrested in Fairbanks after Hutchinson High Investigation


Hutchinson High School in Fairbanks. Image-Google Maps
Hutchinson High School in Fairbanks. Image-Google Maps

At 4:30 pm on Monday afternoon, troopers were alerted to an incident the Hutchinson High School in Fairbanks involving a hatchet-wielding suspect and responded to the scene.

When they arrived and opened an investigation, they identified the suspect as Corey Green, and found he had utilized a hatchet to attempt to get into an apartment, and additionally used it to vandalize a vehicle in the parking lot as well as vandalize property at the Hutchinson High School parking lot. As a result, Green was arrested and charged with Burglary I, Criminal Mischief III and other charges.

As the investigation into Green continued, they would discover that he had, armed with the hatchet and a pistol, robbed a person on University Avenue taking his bicycle from him. With that information, Green was also charged with Robbery I and Assault II.

AST asks that “If there is any other information regarding this or any further criminal activity by Green in the area of University Avenue, please contact Trooper Ianacone at (907) 451-5100.”