Scammon Bay Man Taken into Custody after Shooting Another in the Thigh during Argument Tuesday

Troopers in Bethel were alerted at approximately 1:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon that a Scammon Bay man was being treated for a gunshot wound to the thigh at the village’s clinic.

The cases was turned over to St. Mary’s-based troopers and they began an investigation.

AST would find that 38-year-old Phillip Haskins had gotten into an altercation with the victim at their home and had shot the man.

Troopers would make telephonic contact with Haskins and he agreed to turn over his handgun to a neighbor and turn himself in to the Scammon Bay Village Police officer. Haskins was taken into custody and the weapon was secured.

The shooting victim is reported to be in stable condition.

Haskins was charged with Assault II and III and remanded on the charges.