Search for Missing Bulchitna Lake Man remains Unsuccessful

Location of Bulchitna Lake. Image-Google Maps

Location of Bulchitna Lake. Image-Google Maps

A man living at Bulchitna Lake near Skwentna was reported missing on May 27th and was last reported seen on May 25th Alaska State Troopers revealed on Tuesday.

According to the report posted on the trooper dispatch on Tuesday, a neighbor of William L Mazoch, age 67, went to Mazoch’s property to meet up with his neighbor, but when he arrived, Mazoch was nowhere to be found.

The caller reported that he had talked to Mazoch by telephone on May 25th.

An Alaska State Trooper and an Alaska Wildlife Trooper were dispatched via helicopter and initiated a search of the area. The searchers reported that “The water level on Lake Creek was extremely high and bordering on flood stage.”

Local fishing guides volunteered their boats to undertake the search of the river downstream of Mazoch’s property while aircraft took to the air, but the search remains unsuccessful.

Troopers say that “Search efforts will continue pending weather and river conditions.”

Mazoch’s next of kin have been notified of the situation.

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