Shots Fired after Assault Call in Togiak

Shots were fired following the report of an assault in the community of Togiak on Sunday according to trooper dispatch.

The Togiak Village Police Officer responded to the report off an Assault that took place in that community on Sunday. Upon arrival at the scene, the VPO discovered that two men ahd been assaulted by 19-year-old Anthony Forbes. The VPO reported that she was pushed by Forbes as she attempted to place him under arrest.

After shoving the VPO, Forbes threatened to shoot the VPO is she attempted to arrest him again. It was at that time that the VPO left the residence to seek assistance in Forbes arrest. WHile the VPO was seeking assistance, multiple shots rang out at the residence and the VPO sought cover until the situation calmed down.

Later in the morning, State Troopers and Wildlife Troopers arrived at the southwest Alaska village. After determining that Forbes had committed several crimes, troopers searched for Forbes in the community.

After several hours of searching, troopers located Forbes and placed him under arrest on charges of Assault II, Misconduct Involving Weapons II and IV, Assault IV x2 Assault IV on a Police Officer, and Resisting Arrest.