Single Vehicle Crash on Steese Highway Nets Two DUIs

image28-04-2014 14.44.40Fairbanks-based troopers would make a double arrest for DUI at a single vehicle accident early Saturday morning according to the trooper dispatch.

At 6:02 am on Saturday morning, troopers responded to a report of an accident on the Steese Highway with no driver present. When they arrived, troopers began their investigation.

During the course of their investigation, a vehicle arrived at the scene with two occupants. Troopers would find that the passenger in the vehicle, 23-year-old Fort Wainwright resident, George Vermette was the driver of the crashed vehicle and had been DUI at the time of the crash.

Troopers would also determine that the driver of the vehicle that arrived on the scene of the crash, 22-year-old Kelsey Myers, of Fairbanks was also driving under the influence of alcohol.

Both individuals were transported to Fairbanks and remanded to the correctional facility there on DUI charges.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]