Sitka Mountain Rescue Bring Five Hikers off of Harbor Mountain

Location of Harbor Mountain. Google Maps

Location of Harbor Mountain. Google Maps

Sitka-based troopers reported on Monday morning that all rescue personnel and hikers made it out made it out of the field Sunday morning after a successful operation.

A call to AST by Sitka Mountain Rescue reporting five hikers on Harbor Mountain were in need of assistance at 6:40 pm. According to the report, one of the hikers, that included Sitka residents Benjamin Caldwell, 21, Cassidy Dampier, 26, Jared Fimple, 24, Junior Kelly, 22, and Garrett Bones, 23, had lost their footwear and was suffering from dehydration. The hikers reported that they had no water and were not prepared to spend the night outdoors.

Sitka Mountain Rescue responded on four-wheelers up Harbor Mountain Road, then hiked the rest of the way in and contacted the hikers at 9:55 pm. Upon contact, the hikers were provided with food and hydration.

All hikers and rescue personnel made it out safely at 9:33 am Sunday.