SME Identifies Remains from Susitna River as that of Missing Kentucky Fly Fisherman


Alaska State Troopers revealed on Tuesday morning that the partially submerged body retrieved from the Susitna River on last Tuesday was that of a Kentucky man, who had disappeared while fly-fishing in the Willow Creek area in late June.

William “Bill” Hartlage, age 76, of Louisville, Kentucky was reported missing by a family member after he didn’t return from a sport fishing trip near the Willow Creek State Recreational Area after a day out.

Boat crews along with an RCC helicopter took up the initial search that evening and the following day MAT-SAR, along with troopers, park rangers and Helo-3 covered the area on the ground and in the air with no results.

Hartlage’s remains were retrieved by troopers and turned over to the State Medical Examiner’s office for autopsy and positive identification.