Special Primary Early Voting Locations Opened May 27

ANCHORAGE — On Wednesday, April 27, 2022, about 560,000 ballots* for the Special Primary Election to fill the US House seat. Since then 83,849 ballots have been returned to the State of Alaska Division of Elections. 

On Friday, May 27, 2022, Absentee in Person voting locations will open statewide.  At these locations, voters can request a replacement ballot, vote if they did not receive a ballot at their mailing address, or return their ballots. 

Voters can still return their ballot through the mail through Election Day, June 11, 2022. 

Alaskans for Better Elections reminds all Alaskan voters to:: 

  1. Vote for only one candidate on the ballot

  2. Place ballot in a secrecy sleeve.

  3. Place ballot and secrecy sleeve into the return envelope.

  4. Sign the – backside, top-left of the return envelope, under the envelope flap.

  5. Have another adult sign and date the witness signature line.

  6. Provide an identifier.

  7. Seal the envelope.

  8. Leave the perforated tab in place to protect your signature and identifier, which are both deemed confidential by the State of Alaska.

  9. Drop the ballot return envelope in the nearest United States Postal Service mailbox (postage has already been paid!).

    1. If it is close to Election Day,  June 11, 2022, bring your ballot to the United States Post Office and ask the postal clerk to hand cancel the postage.

*This differs from the total mailed number on State of Alaska Division of Elections returned ballots as the state has subtracted ballots that been returned as undeliverable.