Standoff Continues on Ponderosa Drive, Suspect in Shrub Court Standoff Discovered Deceased

APD says that SWAT is still on the scene of a stand-off situation on Ponderosa Drive while the stand-off on Shrub Court has ended badly with the discovery of the remains of the man involved in that situation.

APD responded to the Ponderosa Drive location at approximately 4:30 pm on Monday afternoon after receiving information that a man at that address had an outstanding arrest warrant.

Once at the location, APD issued ordered the man to exit the building which the suspect refused to obey. A search warrant was requested and granted. APD evacuated the other residents of the building as the suspect “made both suicidal threats and threats of suicide by cop,” APD reported. SWAT was called in to take over the situation and Ponderosa Drive, which is a dead-end street, was closed down.

As the negotiations at Ponderosa Drive continued, APD was called in to resolve another incident on the 8500-block of Shrub Court at 6:47 pm. At that second location, it was reported that a man armed with a sword and a firearm threatened a family member. When APD arrived on scene, the suspect was in the residence with one other family member. The suspect refused to come out of the building and SWAT was diverted from the first location leaving negotiators and patrol officers at that continuing incident.

Gas was deployed at the Shrub Court location and the family member exited immediately while the suspect remained inside. The Family member was temporarily detained and interviewed.

At just after 5 am this morning, APD made entry into the residence and soon discovered the suspect’s remains in a crawlspace.

The stand-off on Ponderosa Drive continues as the suspect still refuses to come out.

The identities of both men have not been publically revealed.