Student Arrested after Making Threats on Dimond High Bus

An Anchorage teen who attended Dimond High was arrested following threats made on a school bus on Tuesday, APD revealed on Wednesday.

According to the preliminary investigation, a student who had become unruly on the bus on Tuesday. After the bus driver addressed the student’s behavior, “the student became agitated and threatened to shoot up the school the next day as he was exiting the school bus,” APD said in a Nixle statement.

Following the incident, the bus driver made a report to Anchorage SSchool District officials, who in turn, reported the incident to the  Anchorage Police Department. Patrol officers interviewed the student and his parents on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, the student was escorted by his parents to the school and a second interview was conducted with the school’s Resource Officers. Following the interview, the student was placed under arrest and charges were forwarded to the Department of Juvenile Justice. 

APD says that while there was never an imminent threat, the threat itself warranted charges.

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