Student Attacks Aide at Knik Elementary

image23-04-2015 08.08.46Alaska State Troopers in Wasilla responded to an assault call at the Knik Elementary School after receiving a call from there on Wednesday morning.

According to the trooper dispatch report, a staff member at the school was the subject of an attempted assault.

The trooper investigation would reveal that an 11-year-old student at the school had brought a small folding knife with him from home. A Teacher’s Aide observed the young student in the classroom with his hands behind his back concealing something. When queried about what it was he had  behind his back, the student produced the knife , with its blade extended.

The student lunged at the aide with the knife with the intent to stab or cut him, but the aide was able to jump out of the way, the trooper dispatch reports. Failing to stab the Aide, the student threw the knife at the Aide, but again missed.

Another teacher nearby witnessed the confrontation and was able to restrain the student. The student was placed in a secure room and authorities were called. The knife was secured and no injuries were reported.

Troopers conducted their investigation and Juvenile Justice was contacted and informed of the incident.

Pending a review, the child was released to his father.