SWAT Responds to West 27th after Suspect Barricades Himself in Apartment Tuesday

Anchorage police report that they responded to an apartment complex on the 1400-block of West 27th Avenue at 3:23 pm on Tuesday afternoon after receiving a call from the apartment manager at that address reporting a serious disturbance.

The manager reported that a resident there, identified as 41-year-old Benjamin F. Morris, had broken out two windows and pulled a fire alarm, then menaced the manager when he went to Morris’s apartment to “speak with Morris about his behavior.” According to the report, Morris came to the door brandishing a machete and refused to put it down causing the manager to fear for his safety. The manager retreated and called the police, according to the report.

When APD arrived at the location they observed at least two broken windows at the apartment as well as the damaged pull fire alarm. They went to Morris’s door and knocked, but Morris refused to open the door and speak with them. Officers continued to attempt to engage the suspect as more units arrived at the complex and set up a perimeter.

A short time later, Morris opened his apartment door, still armed with a machete, which he refused to put down when told to do so. When Morris turned toward the officers, a single less-lethal 40 mm round was fired which hit his hand and caused him to drop the machete. Morris retreated back into his apartment and shut the door.

This resulted in SWAT being called in and arrest and search warrants were requested and issued. SWAT continued negotiations and during that time Morris would throw more than one knife out of the apartment. Then just before 6pm, Morris came out of his apartment and gave himself up.

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A short time after, the large enforcement presence was disbursed.

The APD report stated that “After being medically cleared, Benjamin Morris was jailed on the charges of Assault III, Criminal Mischief III, Resisting, Disorderly Conduct, and Reckless Endangerment.”