This Day in Alaska History-August 11th, 1900

The Nome Daily Chronicle, touting itself as the “Only Illustrated Paper in Alaska,” on August 11th, 1900, printed its first edition as a daily paper.

The paper’s circulation as a daily was very short-lived, within a month, the paper discontinued daily circulation and only published once a week. By November, the paper discontinued publication as the Nome Daily Chronicle. 

The name was changed to the Nome Chronicle and would publish under that name for seven more months before shutting its doors. The paper was bought by J.F.A. Strong and the name was changed to the Nome Nugget. The paper would be known by many names in its early  years. In 1904-1905, it was known as the  Nome Semi-Weekly Nugget, then from 1905 until 1907, it was the Nome Tri-Weekly Nugget then the Nome Daily Nugget until 1918. The name would go back and forth until in January, 1938 the name was permanently changed to the Nome Nugget.

The newspaper, despite its name changes, is Alaska’s oldest newspaper.